Overall response to cholera epidemics in Angola in 2006


This evaluation was conducted by Epicentre. In 2006 cholera was once again detected in Luanda, Angola’s capital. The epidemic started on February 13, 2006, in one neighbourhood but spread rapidly to the other municipalities and then to the neighbouring provinces following the main transport axes. MSF intervened in Luanda and in 11 provinces across the country by opening various Cholera Treatment Centres and Cholera Treatment Units. MSF-B was the first section to intervene, with other sections joining progressively as needs were perceived. This evaluation was initiated by the operational directors of the 5 operational sections in order to assess the quality of the global MSF intervention during the 2006 cholera epidemic in Angola in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. The overall goal of the evaluation was to describe lessons learned from the MSF intervention and to produce a document for improved cross-sectional choler aemergency interventions in the future.

Please note: this report is not available online. Please email Evaluations.Sweden@lakareutangranser.se to request access.

Document Author(s)
Sibylle Gerstl and Kate Alberti (on behalf of Epicentre)
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