This report is a review of the Access Campaign (AC) between 2010 and 2015, and was commissioned by the Steering Committee (SC) of the AC. It is complemented by a parallel review of overall advocacy within the MSF movement. The overall goal of the two reviews is to strengthen MSF’s coordination and approaches to medical and humanitarian advocacy in order to better serve its social mission. The specific objectives of the AC review are to assess the current role, positioning and expectations of the AC; examine the AC’s resources/infrastructure, governance and complementarity with the rest of the MSF movement; and to provide recommendations to strengthen the overall governance, accountability, ownership and integration of the AC within MSF.

Document Author(s)
This publication was produced at the request of MSF International, under the management of the Vienna Evaluation Unit. It was prepared independently by Nirupama Sarma, with contributions from Glenn O‘Neil, Sarah Grosso and Liesbeth Schockaert.
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