The Use of Antibiotics and its Drivers in MSF OCBA Projects - 4 Case Study Reports

In 2015, MSF operations and medical directors recognised antibiotic resistance (ABR) as a priority and called for the elaboration of an intersectional roadmap to tackle ABR in MSF projects. The MSF ABR Task Force was consolidated in 2017 with joint medical and operational governance.

This evaluation was commissioned to provide an insight in antibiotic use and its drivers in MSF projects. It aimed at filling the knowledge gap regarding antibiotic use in MSF projects located in sub-Saharan Africa, exploring antibiotic prescription and consumption habits and their drivers at all health care levels (community, health centres, and hospital). The evaluation involved collecting – in the form of case studies – direct information from patients, communities and prescribers in project areas in Guinea-Bissau, the Central African Republic (CAR), the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Sudan. 




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These case study reports were produced at the request of MSF-OCBA, under the management of the Vienna Evaluation Unit. They were prepared independently by the respective authors.
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