Transversal evaluation of country Coordinations (OCP)

A considerable evolution was registered in the organization of MSF‐OCP country coordination over the period analyzed from 2005 to 2012: this was accompanied by numerous managerial and technical changes in the set ups (means/needs, challenges at all levels). Various « sharing of responsibilities » scenarios were implemented through the years leading to internal re‐organization. However and up to now, the ever fast growing complexity and diversity of projects does not allow freezing an optimal structure. As such, a focus on the evaluation of country coordination is requested (TORs/Annex 1) to: ‐ Evaluate the organization of capital/country coordinations (CC) to carry out MSF‐OCP projects, taking into account the missions’ needs (and implication of HQs’ organization). ‐ Analyze decision channels and responsibilities, direction of operations/desks/fields. Specific aspects concern the description/comparison of country coordinations, relevance of organizational set ups, and the review/suggestion of different possible scenarios.

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Vincent Brown
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