Review of MSF OCG Regionalized Initiatives for Operational Support



Over the last few years MSF Operational Centre Geneva (OCG) has developed several “regionalized” operational initiatives with the primary objective of enhancing the medical/operational support to its missions.  

This report is a review framing a topical, pressing question facing the entire humanitarian sector: how to improve the lives of people by establishing a more effective balance in the location of governance, decision-making, and operational support. The review analyses the strengths, weaknesses, and potential for replication for five regionalized operational initiatives of MSF OCG: 

  1. The Middle East Support Office in Amman
  2. The OCG/MSF Greece co-management model
  3. The West Africa intersectional set-up in Dakar (the focus of the review being on the OCG’s Cell 3 delocalized to Dakar)
  4. The OCG/MSF Australia co-management model
  5. The Central America Mexico Integrated Office 

The review was carried out by a team of two external consultants with decades of experience in humanitarian aid and with expertise on issues related to governance and strategic development in the humanitarian sector. The review process was managed and coordinated by the MSF Vienna Evaluation Unit. The analysis is based on documentary analysis and semi-structured interviews with current and former MSF staff.  

Document Author(s)
David Curtis and Marc DuBois
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