Agok hospital evaluation, South Sudan, MSF-OCG: Analysis of relevance and effectiveness of the project

MSF-OCG has been working in South Sudan since 1997; in the area of Abyei since 2006. Due to context changes, MSF had to adapt its medical strategy significantly over the years. This evaluation of project relevance and effectiveness aimed at informing the future strategy. It used a comprehensive cross-sector approach (multidisciplinary) with direct participation of the MSF actors involved in the Agok project at all levels. The evaluation enabled the formulation of recommendations in the fields of the mission framework in the context of South-Sudan, the way the Agok hospital is run, the quality in the intervention (care, human resources training, coordination), human resources management, and others.

Document Author(s)
Isabelle VOIRET and Heinz HENGHUBER
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