Evaluation of the MSF Germany Strategic Plan 2021 - 2024

Towards effective organisational strategy.

This evaluation report summarises key learning around MSF-Germany’s (MSF-G) strategic plan (SP) (2021-2024) to improve and inform decisions, support resource allocation and inform strategic priorities for MSF-G’s 2025-2029 SP. This evaluation was commissioned by the MSF-G general director (GD) and head of strategy and planning, and completed by Standard of Proof, in collaboration with the MSF Vienna Evaluation Unit (VEU). 

Key objectives of the evaluation were to: identify strengths and limitations of the SP development process; assess the current SP’s adequacy in terms of relevance, design quality, appropriateness of the time horizon, and compatibility with available resources; assess the success and efficiency of the current SP’s implementation, and; assess attainment of envisioned outputs and outcomes, and their relevance to the wider strategic goals.

A non-experimental evaluation, applying mixed-methodologies and theory-driven evaluation approaches, was undertaken between October 2023 and February 2024. The evaluation used key informant interviews (30 interviews with 27 individual key informants), stakeholder survey (N=201, 53% of MSF-G staff), and internal and external document review, to garner insights and learning around the SP development, design, implementation and results.

Overall, the evaluation highlights the SP’s strengths and many opportunities to support an improved SP for 2025 and beyond. 

Document Author(s)
Brooke Hayward, Simon Williamson, Stela Garaz
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