Evaluation MSF-OCP Project in Yida refugee camp, South Sudan, Nov-Dec 2012

Given the health needs, the relevance of MSF-OCP intervention in Yida refugee camp (60 000) makes no doubts. Analyses highlight reasons for the delay in scaling up the project in emergency phase, April to August 2012 : if at the end, efficacy/efficiency of operations were ensured, lessosn must be drawn from this intervention. Omitting to set up a surveillance system and refusing to engage in non-medical activities constituted strategic failures. Today, after stabilisation, as emergencies could return, with war in the Nuba Mountains, anticipation/E-Prep and enhanced surveillance (mortality, epidemics, pockets of malnutrition) are needed to avoid repating the crisis scenario of July 2012.

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Pauline Busson & Vincent Brown
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