Final report: Evaluation of the Gaza and Mosul Reconstructive Surgery projects

MSF OCB’s projects in Mosul and Gaza began in 2017 and
2018, respectively, as a means to alleviate the burden of
war trauma injuries, which the local health care systems
were ill-equipped to handle. MSF OCB partnered with local
organizations and constructed well-equipped facilities to
provide free reconstructive surgery in a multidisciplinary
manner with MSF IPC and ABR protocols in place. With the
end of the GMR protests, the number of “fresh” warwounded
patients declined leading the projects to pivot
and broaden their admission criteria to include nonviolent
and accidental injuries. The current evaluation was
aimed to assess the relevance, appropriateness,
effectiveness, efficiency, and impact of these projects, and
also gain insights that could improve functioning of
present and future reconstructive surgery projects.

Document Author(s)
Dr. Richard Gosselin, Prof. Dr. Amardeep Thind and Ms. Maysa Alnattah.

Patients leaflets in Arabic and in English were prepared by the MSF teams in Gaza and Mosul.
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